Spring is here, and for most people, that means spring cleaning. When people consider spring cleaning, they think of airing out rooms, and sprucing up the home’s interior. But what about the outside of your home? When you think of the outside, you might think of gardening or landscaping. But what about the exterior of your home, or the driveway and deck? Extend your spring cleaning to all areas of your property, including exterior surfaces and decking. Over time, decks, siding or brick exteriors become dingy looking, and stained. They’re in need of a spring makeover, too, just in time for summer entertaining. But there is a solution to all these cleaning issues. An Allentown Power washing professional can remove all manner of dirt and grime, and restore your home to its original charm. Contact a Monmouth County power washing company to spring into action and clean your home’s exterior.

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Allentown Power Washing | Leave it to the Professionals

While power washing sounds like a simple activity, there’s more to it than most homeowners realize. If you don’t have the correct pressure for each individual surface, you may cause damage to your property. Professional power washers have the training and experience to adjust pressures where necessary. Too much pressure may strip paint and stains, and even damage materials like brick or siding. The objective is to make your home look better, not crack siding, or wash away bricks. It’s also a tedious, time-consuming process. It’s much more labor intensive than most people think, if you aren’t trained and experienced.

Allentown Power Washing | The Right Preparations

Again, power washing sounds pretty simple. Add soap and water, aim and spray. If you are not experienced, however, you may overlook preparations that professionals have to consider. You have to take a lot of environmental precautions before you start spraying water and soap at your home. Do you have plants that you don’t want sprayed with detergent? You may want to cover these before you begin. You should consider runoff, too. Where does excess water go? If it’s running into your neighbor’s property, they may not appreciate it. Professionals have the expertise to answer all these questions, and more.

Allentown Power Washing | Safety First

Because power washers spray water, homeowners don’t think of them as potentially dangerous power tools. If you do power wash, always wear long pants and sleeves. Wearing goggles can protect your eyes from water blasts, and no slip rubber boots help you keep a firm foothold. Gloves are also a good idea, because spraying water can potentially injure exposed skin if you are not careful. Water sprays from power washers at intense speeds and pressure, creating more of a safety threat that most people realize. To stay safe this spring, hire a professional to clean your home’s exterior for you.

Does the outside of your home look as attractive as it once did? Maybe your deck makes you less eager to invite people to visit your home in the summertime. Pollen, dust and dirt stick to these surfaces, making your home unattractive. Decks lose their beautiful finish, and look lackluster and grimy. Don’t limit spring cleaning and aesthetic improvements to the inside of your home. Extend your spring cleaning to all areas of your property, including exterior surfaces and decking. Power washing can clean all exterior surfaces of your home, but may prove harder than you think. Power washing is laborious, and if not done properly, can prove hazardous. Take it easy this spring, and hire an Allentown power washing company to do all the hard work for you.

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