Are you wondering if pressure washing is really worth it for your home or business?  After all, you have a garden hose and can spray down the outside of your building yourself if that’s all it comes down to, right?  Wait just a moment, there!

We’re here to tell you that pressure washing has so many more benefits than most people suspect.  It’s not just about rinsing a little dirt off your siding, and you definitely can’t do it with a garden hose.


Benefits of Pressure Washing for Your Home or Business

Pressure washing provides a thorough, deep cleaning that is a lot more necessary than you might think—it’s not all looks, though appearance is important too. A good cleaning can prevent damage to your home or business and even help keep your family or employees safe and healthy.  This guide will cover reasons why you really do need professional pressure washing for your house or commercial property. But first, let’s talk about what it actually is.


What is Pressure Washing?

Simply put, it is the use of high-powered jets of water to clean mud, dust, grime, loose paint, moss, algae, and other residue from surfaces.

The “pressure” part is what makes it so much more effective than just regular washing with water and elbow grease, as well as the ability for the jets of water to reach into tiny nooks and crannies and blast out all the dirt hiding out of sight. The washers produce pressures from 750 to 30,000 pound-force per square inch, or psi. (For comparison, the average force from a home water faucet is about 40 to 60 psi.)

Pressurized washers can be used to clean surfaces such as:

  • Siding
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Fencing
  • Vehicles
  • Lawn mowers
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Grills


Why You Need Pressure Washing

Now that we’ve covered what pressure washing is and what you can use it for, let’s dive into the reasons why you need it for your home or business property.


Prevents Damage

What harm can some grime and moss do to a house?  It turns out… a lot.  Dirt, moss, grime, and other substances that build up on your building or outdoor items can eat away at surfaces, causing corrosion.  They not only damage paint, concrete sealant, and other surface coatings, they can actually cause damage to the materials underneath, like your vinyl siding or the wood of your deck.

The damage doesn’t just affect surfaces, because once surface coatings and materials start to break down, they leave everything underneath them vulnerable to damage as well.  That means the interior of your walls can be exposed to moisture, vermin, and other intruders that can cause serious problems with the structure of the building and cause you a lot of discomfort.

Dirt and other substances also tend to build up in the small crevices that every building.  Out of sight and out of reach of the rain and wind, the grime can accumulate for years until crevices are packed with bacterial breeding grounds.

Pressurized washing lifts dirt, grime, moss, and other substances off your surfaces, and it also gets into even the tiniest crevices to blast out everything that has built up over time, stopping the damage before it has a chance to really take hold and create a major headache for the property owner.


Saves Money

After learning about the damage that can be stopped in its tracks with a good wash, it makes sense that pressure washing also saves you a lot of money by preventing damage.

Having your home or business washed on a regular basis is far less expensive than repairing the damage that can result from letting the dirt and grime build-up.  Pressure washing is preventative maintenance, and you know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Saves Time and Energy

Your time is precious, so this is a significant benefit.  You may be convinced that cleaning your building’s exterior is important, but why should you use pressure washing in particular?  The amount of time and effort you save with a pressure washer, instead of trying to clean your items or buildings manually, is truly impressive.

Imagine getting yourself a long-handled sponge mop and a bucket of water and going outside to spend your weekend scrubbing away outside of your house.  You would get an excellent arm workout, so that’s good, but you might not even be able to finish the entire thing in a couple of days.  Not to mention that all that time and hard work would pretty much be for nothing since there’s no way manual washing can be as effective and thorough as cleaning with a pressure washer.

The amount of time it would take to pressure wash your building depends on a lot of factors such as the size of your home or business and how accessible all parts of the exterior.   However, it’s safe to say that even a large house could probably be completed within a few hours, and smaller surfaces could look new within 30 minutes.


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