Pressurized washing removes the threat of disease-causing bacteria and creates an environment that is less hospitable to vermin, protecting the safety of everyone in the building.  It also removes built-up pollen from your surfaces, so if you or anyone you know suffers from pollen allergies, pressure washing can help reduce their allergy suffering.


Cleaner is Safer

We all know that good hygiene is important to maintaining our health, but many people don’t realize that the cleanliness of exterior surfaces around our homes and workplaces can also have a direct impact on the health and safety of our families, employees, and even our pets.

Dirt and grime build-up provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and vermin, which are notorious for carrying disease.  And, if the damage is allowed to spread, it can leave the interior of your building vulnerable to spores that can cause illness.


Why You Should Let the Pros Handle Pressure Washing

By now, we’ve hopefully given you some information that helped you see why pressure washing is so important for your home or business.  You may be thinking of giving it a try yourself, but it’s the type of thing that is really better handled by professionals. Professional handymen have the know-how to select the right amount of pressure for whatever you need to be cleaned; they can get your surfaces sparkling without the risk of damage.


Avoid Damage to Surfaces

Though pressure washing is a keyway to prevent damage from grime and dirt build-up, pressure washers themselves can actually cause damage to surfaces if the user is inexperienced.  This is because pressure washers are capable of a range of pressures and you’ll need to know the correct settings to use on the material you’re washing or you could cause scratches, chips, or even worse with the washer itself.


Environmentally Friendly

Pressure washing has the potential to be hard on the environment for a couple of reasons: it uses a lot of water, it can involve soap and other cleaning chemicals that aren’t good for the soil, and it can rinse grime, grease, and other pollutants onto the ground or into the sewer.

A professional handyman such as the experts at Bear claw will take care to minimize the impact to the environment with techniques that reduce water usage and avoid harmful chemicals. This protects not only the soil and plants nearby, but also wild animals and pets that may come in contact with pressure washer run-off.


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