Soft washing is a cleaning method for buildings and roofs that uses a low-pressure washing technique.  At its most rudimentary level, a soft wash system consists of a tank for holding chemical, a pump and hoses for moving chemical, a trigger gun for controlling flow, and a nozzle to guide the spray.  Water is used along with a mixture of algaecides, bleach, and surfactants, to safely clean exterior surfaces of organic stains, mildew, and algae.  In New Jersey, a professional soft wash can cost anywhere from $450 to $1000 for a two-story home.  The price depends on the square footage, pitch of the roof, surface texture, and presence of moss.


Soft Washing

High pressure washing is from 500 PSI to over 3300 PSI.  Soft wash is lower at 500 PSI and below.  A house with vinyl or aluminum siding will remain clean using soft wash for a minimum of three years.  Stained or painted wood siding is always more porous and requires more attention.  Additionally, soft washing wood every one to two years can help prolong the longevity of the stain or paint.  Soft washing  your home will expand the lifespan of your home’s roof, siding, and deck. Soft washing’s low pressure is safe for cleaning brick, wood, vinyl, pavers, and concrete.  Soft wash cleaning process will not void any manufacturer’s warranties on vinyl siding or windows.


Soft washing typically makes a better choice for washing homes since it’s safer and won’t damage the residence’s siding and other surfaces.  A washer using high-pressure water can damage delicate side panels, pierce asphalt roofs, and dent wood decks.  Soft washing is an alternative to pressure washing that is used to clean exterior surfaces such as windows, gutters, soffits, stucco and dryvit.  Soft wash cleaning method offers great results without the damaging effects of high-pressure cleaning.

Soft washing leans on biodegradable cleansers that cut through surface contaminants.  Soft washing is a safe and effective cleaning techniques that utilize a low-pressure delivery system.  Our cleaning solution is applied at a low pressure that is comparable to the pressure from your garden hose.  The cleaning solution has algaecides which will eliminate algae or mold growth and soaps that will attack other types of surface dirt.  After the cleaning solution is applied and allowed to sit on the surface for a short period of time, the entire surface will be rinsed with a high-volume low-pressure rinsing.   After the dead algae and dirt is rinsed away, you are left with a clean and sanitized surface.

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