If your home’s exterior has seen better days, it may be time to hire a Monmouth County over washing contractor to make it look new again. Many people overlook the importance of routine power washing. It’s about more than just maintaining the look of your home; there are quite a few other reasons to do it. Below, we will go over some of the top reasons to hire a power washing contractor in Monmouth County, NJ.

Reasons to Hire a Monmouth County Power Washing Contractor

Monmouth County Power Washing ContractorRemove Stains and Algae:

There are several types of stains power washing can remove. If you have stubborn mildew growth on the siding, power washers can help with that too. A power washing contractor in Monmouth County will use special chemicals to effectively remove all of these stains and more. They also clean away algae growth that roofs commonly experience. Algae growth is unsightly, but it’s also not good for your roof; it causes damage over time, reducing its lifespan. By power washing regularly, you’ll keep algae at bay and therefore keep your roof in good condition for many years to come.

Power Washing Prevents Dirt Buildup:

If you power wash once every year or two on an as-needed basis, you’ll only power wash the exterior of your home when it’s already pretty dirty. This can create a vicious cycle; power washing in this way will never clean away dirt and grime that has had time to accumulate over time. Rather than power washing in reaction to a problem, power wash regularly with a power washing contractor in Monmouth County, NJ to keep marks and stains from ever forming.

Regular power washing also helps prevent rust and oxidation on metal surfaces like gutters and downspouts. These features add character to the exterior of your house, but they may need some attention once in awhile or they can become rusty and unsightly. Power washers will also use specific metal-safe chemicals which are less harsh for sensitive metals while still being effective enough to power through dirt and debris.

Protect the Structure of Your Home:

While power washing does remove dirt, grime, stains, algae, mildew, etc., it can also take some paint with it. This is especially true on bare wood; power washers won’t be able to distinguish between different types of exterior surfaces like they would indoors or in a factory setting. If you power wash regularly there’s less chance for harm because power washing doesn’t strip away all the existing paint; its gradual process means that some amounts remain on your home. It’s only when power washing is used after waiting years between cleanings that this becomes an issue. However without power washing on a regular basis, it will become harder to keep intact.

If power washing isn’t done often enough, dirt and grime builds up over time. This buildup can cause swelling in your siding or brickwork. It can also cause water runoff to pool near your foundation, which increases the chances of leaks from bad flashing or improper grading. By power washing regularly you will keep dirt and debris from accumulating on a consistent basis, making it easier to prevent problems that could lead to costly repairs. If power washing is handled by a power washing contractor in Monmouth County , NJ they will have the equipment necessary to reach every part of your home’s exterior without you having to get on a ladder yourself.

Cleaner Air Quality for Your Home:

Households with allergies may benefit most from power washing; power washing can remove pollen and other allergens from surfaces like siding, windows, roofing materials, and even the pavement surrounding your home. This reduces the amount of dust in your house that can cause symptoms to flare up; power washing helps create a cleaner space inside which you and your family members will enjoy coming back to at the end of a long day.

Power washing also removes any air contaminants which power washers stir up while power washing. For example power washers often release dirt and debris into gutters which birds or squirrels may then move around or nest in; power washing does more than just clean these away, it stops them from becoming a nuisance for you down the road.

Looking for a Great Power Washing Contractor in Monmouth County, NJ?

BEARCLAW is a NJ company that has been specializing in painting and power washing for the past 20 years. Other services include: refurbishing home exteriors, decks, sidewalks and walkways, and roofs. Additionally, we provide residents of Monmouth County with restoration of many surfaces including brick, concrete, roofing, stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding, wood, and cedar shake. Many people do not know that you can bring many surfaces back to their original beauty with the process of power washing. For more information, call BEARCLAW now at: (609) 882-1688 or visit our website:


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