No wonder that after winter people are looking at pressure washing their homes in time for spring and summer months.  You pressure wash your home, but do you pressure wash your driveway?  Your driveway is dirtier than you think.


Why You Need Driveway Pressure Washing

Believe it or not, your driveway can be covered in potentially dangerous and corrosive chemicals that you track in with your car, bike, or your shoes.  There are plenty of benefits for routine driveway pressure washing.  It doesn’t matter what the season is, when you maintain your driveway, it will help it last longer.


Mildew and Moss

Pressure washing your driveway will remove mildew and moss which tend to grow in hotter months.  Spring and summer are infamous for algae and moss overgrowth.  The reason you want to get rid of algae and moss is that they stain your driveway, eat away at the surface, and they’re also bad for your health.  Pressure washing won’t only remove any mildew and moss growth—it will also lessen their growth in the future.


Cracks and Weeds

If your driveway cracks dirt will fall into the cracks and make the crack spread faster or allow weeds to grow in the cracks.  You can prevent cracks from getting bigger and weeds from growing by pressure washing your driveway.  If you maintain your driveway and do not allow it to get to a cracking stage, this will save you money in the long run.  Replacing parts or the entire driveway can add up financially.  You can avoid this headache by properly maintaining it.


Remove Damaging Products

If you live in a colder state where it snows pressure washing after winter will help remove any products that can be left behind.  During snow products such as salt and sand are used to prevent falling, and to melt snow but these substances affect the driveway.  The acid in the salt pellets can affect your driveways composition.  As soon as you have your last snowfall for the year, and it’s melted and cleaned up scheduling a pressure wash for your driveway will help keep it in good condition.



Stains are not only bad for the landscaping of your home, but they can also weaken the driveway’s surface.  Stains are typically caused by cars leaking oil, or leaking gas.  Stains aren’t a good look for your home’s overall exterior look.


Property Value

Many people don’t think about their driveway when they think of their property value.  The exterior areas such as the driveway are the first encounter people have with your home.  If you plan on selling your home in the future, you want potential buyers to have a good feeling as they drive into your driveway.

If a potential buyer arrives at your home and steps onto a driveway full of stains and cracks, they are more than likely going to lower their offer or decide they don’t want to continue the tour.  If they move forward with the tour, they might have their mind made up because of the first impression they received.



Did you know you can hand scrub your driveway regularly instead of pressure washing it?  For those that have a ton of time to spare and want to get a good workout then, they might not mind scrubbing. The average person doesn’t have hours left at the end of each day or the physical energy to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing.  If you don’t have the time or energy to scrub your driveway then pressure washing is your best option.


Back to New

Pressure washing your driveway will give it a back to new look.  It will get rid of anything that has made it age over time.  Your concrete will look brighter than ever after your well-done wash.  If it’s been a while since you took the time and money to invest in your driveway, with a pressure wash you’re going to notice a big difference.


Curb Appeal

We know that property value goes up with a clean and well-maintained driveway.  It also gives your home more curb appeal.  It makes the outside of your home more visually appealing for you, your neighbors, and anyone that drives by.


Prepare for Sealant

If you decide to apply a sealant to help maintain your driveway, pressure washing it before applying it will remove any salt, dirt, and debris.  Pressure washing before the sealant is the best way to prepare for a seal.  Keep in mind that while salt is bad for driveways in the winter months, salt from the air is bad for driveways as well.  Salt is corrosive and will corrode metal and concrete which will cause the driveway to flake.


Time for a Cleaner Driveway

Now that you have read all of the benefits above for why you should look into driveway pressure washing, it’s time to figure out when you or a professional will take care of you.  Sometimes people don’t think about calling an expert because they think it’s a simple task.

Many people don’t realize that there are different types of equipment for different surfaces.  If you don’t know much about the amount of pressure, equipment used, chemicals, and their ratios then you might want to look into calling an expert.  They will save you from damaging your driveway and wasting your time.  Are you ready to call an expert that offers 100% satisfaction?  Contact us today for a free quote.


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