Now that winter is here, many homeowners are wondering if they should wait until spring to have their homes pressure washed.  However, power washing during the winter can be done – and done well!  What most people don’t realize is that cold weather doesn’t affect your power washer’s ability to remove dirt, mold, mildew, or grime from exterior surfaces on your home.  And power washing during winter can help homeowners and commercial businesses get a head start on their exterior maintenance and fleet vehicle maintenance in preparation for spring!


Power Washing During Winter Can be Done!

While we would all like to believe our homes are completely safe, your home has the potential to grow and hide mold, algae, and mildew.  And the age of your home doesn’t make a difference when it comes to the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of your porches, siding, and decks.

When it comes to eliminating these growths pressure washing can be very effective, and it is because of this that many homeowners will decide to power wash their homes during the spring and summer.  However, many people don’t think about having these services completed during the winter season.  Because winter weather can create so many problems many homeowners believe that it is impossible to hire a pressure washing company during the winter.  But that isn’t the case!

Power washing during winter can be challenging, the right team is able to take care of your home during some of the coldest months and our team at Bear Claw Power Wash is the only team in the area that can complete your power washing during winter!


What you Should Know About Power Washing During Winter

The most common myth is that power washing during the winter will cause water damage to your home’s siding.  Power washers can reach up to 3000 psi, which are extremely high levels of pressure.  However, it takes roughly 2000-3000 PSI in order for water droplets to be able to cut through dirt or grime on exterior surfaces like windows and siding.  Here are some other things that you should know about power washing during winter!


We Make Sure our Equipment is Extra Protected

An important aspect of power washing during winter is making sure that the equipment is protected.  This is mainly because power washing tools will require more maintenance when used in colder weather.  This is why we strongly recommend trusting professionals to take care of your power washing, especially during the colder months.

Failing to take the time to properly drain your water line or store your equipment can cause the parts and pieces inside of the machine to freeze and break.  Even transporting the equipment can pose a risk so we make sure to keep our machines stored and away from the elements.  We also take the time to let the vehicles warm up beforehand, but when you entrust our team to take care of your power washing during winter you won’t have to worry about these details!  You will just be left with a clean and safe home to enjoy during the colder months!


What You Consider Cold may not Actually be too Cold

When power washing during winter it is also important for you to note that what you consider cold may not actually be too cold!  For some anything below 65 degrees is cold while for others anything above 30 degrees is warm.  However, when it comes to power washing the only temperature you need to keep in mind is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is because anything below this temperature can freeze the water inside of your pressure washer, rendering it useless.  We also consider how windy it is before power washing during winter.  This is because when it is windy, the temperature should be around 35 degrees in order to account for wind chill.  And while we understand that not everyone may be comfortable with power washing during winter, our team at Bear Claw Power Wash is dedicated to helping you get the job done right and safely!

Power Washing During Winter

When it comes to power washing during winter it’s not just the equipment that will start to work differently but the chemicals too.  The cleaners that we have to use to clean your home’s exterior will have to change.  This is because they will start to work slower in the cold, and some cleaners won’t work at all below a certain temperature.  Many cleaners will require some sort of chemical reaction to work effectively and the key ingredient in that reaction is oftentimes heat!

When there is no heat or direct sunlight, the technique we use will have to change.  This is why we take a slightly different approach when power washing during winter.  Our team at Bear Claw Power wash will take the time to assess your home’s needs and form a plan to remove whatever problems you are having with your fence, deck, or siding.  Instead of using the same amount of pressure and chemicals that we would use in the summer, we adjust our methods to ensure that your home’s exterior will be clean and safe!


We Power Wash During Winter to Help You Prepare for Spring

Maintaining your home during winter is important.  But many homeowners forget that power washing can help them prepare their homes for the spring season.  Pressure washing removes dirt, mold, and mildew from exterior surfaces on your home – which means you’re less likely to have to deal with these issues when the weather starts to warm up.

In addition, power washing your home during winter can also help you prepare for spring by cleaning any of the dirt or debris that may have built up on the exterior surfaces of your home over the course of autumn and winter.  This will make it easier for you to complete other tasks – such as painting your shutters, doors, or windows.

And finally, power washing during winter can help you get a head start on fleet vehicle maintenance for businesses that have outdoor signage – which means you’re less likely to experience downtime due to faded signs and other exterior elements of your business!  Power washing before the weather starts to warm up will ensure that your business is ready to go when spring arrives!


Let us Take Care of Power Washing During Winter

Power washing during the winter is not only possible, but it can be even more beneficial!  We at Bear Claw Power wash want to help you with all your exterior power washing needs. Let us take care of everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about doing anything dangerous or risky in the cold!  Contact us today for your free power washing quote!


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